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China and other eastern countries celebrate the new lunar year Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, falls on Friday, the 16th of February this year. Known as Chūn Jié in Mandarin, this is one of the largest celebrations within China, as important culturally as the western celebrations of Christmas. Spring Festival is determined by the Chinese lunar calendar and celebrations…

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SPRING FESTIVAL Q & A with Chef Ilona Daniel

Your Chinese New Year food questions answered   What region’s food is most widely associated with Spring Festival? Chinese New Year is a festival with many deeply symbolic dishes. There are slight variations in different regions, but there is a core set of dishes, which most Chinese enjoy as they celebrate. Dumplings, “jiaozi”, are considered a more northerly dish while…

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Namaste Lamb, Fall Flavours September 23, 2017

Namaste. For many westerners, the first exposure to the greeting is usually associated with yoga. The word conjures up feelings of being peaceful, tranquil. But the addition of a little four letter word changes everything. Lamb. Pairing up namaste and lamb, the evening got a whole lot spicier. In India, namaste is a not really a yoga-related term at all.…

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Profile picture of Sara Sadat and Akbar Sadat at their restaurant

Observing Halal

Ensuring traditional meat options are available on PEI When Akbar Sadat and his wife, Sara, moved to PEI as refugees in 2007, they were able to get halal meat from the local mosque, but there was very little available. After some asking around, he was able to make a connection with the people at Shaw Meats who allowed him to…

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