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Counting Sheep

Pursuing ambitious land stewardship goals through pasture lambing

“I am a grass farmer,” Adam MacLean tells me. We’re standing adjacent to an idyllic piece of green pasture in South Melville, tucked away off one of the Island’s many country roads. The field is full of ewes and lambs—282 four-legged ruminators to be precise—happily grazing the land. Pairs of lambs intermittently prance through the tall grasses in seeming synchronicity,…

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Food Trucks Roll on P.E.I.

Wheels have started to turn a little faster for the Island food truck scene

When people think of dining on PEI, they might think of lobster suppers, eclectic rural eateries, and our ever-growing restaurant scene. But food trucks are catching the attention of the hungry diner, and wheeled-meals are making their mark on the Island foodscape. Many food truck vendors offer fried foods including fries, of course, and other common menu items like burgers,…

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Fishing Industry Buoys Up the Arts

PEI Fishermen’s Association gets behind theatrical production, Glenda’s Kitchen, to raise awareness of the Island fishery

Seafood chowder and butter biscuits. Storytelling and singing. Each of these quintessential Island pairings is a treat unto itself, but blend them together and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect afternoon filled with heart and hearty goodness. Glenda’s Kitchen, a production of The Charlottetown Festival, was first served up to audiences in 2016 and is back for a second…

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Our Day on the COPC Farm Tour

On July 6, 2017, six of SALTY’s team took part in a media farm tour organized by PEI Certified Organic Producer Co-operative (COPC). Along with other members of the media, government, food industry, and Maritime farming community we toured five organic farms in central PEI. We learned many interesting facts along the way. Here are my top 11: 11. Typical…

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From Barn to Customer

Isle Saint-Jean Farm opens on-site shop near Rustico

Working from home is the day-to-day for every farmer —the barns and fields are their workstations, the livestock their temporary colleagues. But at the end of the day, farmers usually have to venture beyond their farmsteads to reach customers. There are some, however, like Deirdre and Gabriel Mercier of Isle Saint-Jean Farm, who bravely take the leap into running a…

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The Little Island Kitchen

New Potatoes

The humble potato has had a rough go of things lately. What was once a staple on dinner plates across Canada has now been consigned by many to the “unhealthy” category of foods—and to me, that’s a great shame. Not only are potatoes full of many essential nutrients, they’re a great, cost-effective ingredient that can be enjoyed in so many…

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Fat Coffee, Fauxmage & Fresh Vegetables

Riverview Country Market showcases local food entrepreneurs’ products

With scores of new local products and a busy cafe serving up unique beverages, Riverview Country Market has changed since my last visit. I’d only been to Riverview a handful of times; this time it was their new coffee offerings featured on Instagram that drew me in. From Fat Coffee (coffee with coconut oil) to the super-hyped Bullet Coffee featuring…

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Tasting Our Coastal Cuisine

Fall Flavours Festival highlights three communities with a new event series

From shipbuilding to lobster fishing, seaweed harvesting and lighthouse-keeping, the waters that hug our gorgeous sandbar have profoundly shaped every aspect of Island life. And the coastal communities that were born from the first outposts of PEI’s Acadian and European settlers still remain integral to the Island way of life, our culture, our economy, and, of course, our food. This…

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Municipal Bylaws Prohibit Livestock

Bylaws in some Island municipalities make it difficult for residents to pursue food security and sustainability goals

With food prices ever increasing and a growing disconnect from farming, many Islanders are taking it upon themselves to regain some control over their food supply. While backyard gardens are the most common means of doing so, backyard animals are gaining popularity, with eggs and milk being the coveted, protein-rich end products. Some Islanders, however, are facing bylaws that fly…

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