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PEI food
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Exploring resources available to PEI’s food entrepreneurs Passion. A passion for food. Passionate about food. A recurring motif when speaking about PEI food entrepreneurs is ‘passion’. Billed as “Canada’s Food Island”, PEI’s branding is bold. Unlike the Prairies being called Canada’s Breadbasket, or Ontario with its Corn Belt or the wine and fruit regions of the Niagara Valley, PEI has…

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Winter Hearty Who doesn’t love an odd couple? These delicately paired flavours pack a whole lot of hearty flavour through opposites: savoury lamb and chocolately mole sauce, tart cranberries and custardy-sweetness. What better way to host a cosy winter dinner than with these recipes?! Lamb Shanks in Mole Sauce This is an intensely decadent dish that is perfect for a…

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Foundational work has been done, 2020 to see community engagement on issues like food security and environment The Charlottetown Food Council was established in the summer of 2018. Salty sat down with Karen Murchison, chair of the council, to catch up on what they’ve been doing. Salty: Does the Council still have the same number of members? Karen: So we’re…

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In case you missed it The wildfires that spread throughout Australia in December and January prompted Amanda Beaton, co-owner of Truckin’ Roll, to organize a fundraiser at Founders’ Hall and Food market in early January. With the assistance of Kristina Allen, events manager for Founders’ Hall, the idea took hold rapidly and ballooned into an event larger than anyone anticipated.…

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Cheese sticks, eggrolls, and Blue: ill-prepared, ill-conceived, and illogical. Some people shouldn’t be allowed in a kitchen. Some people shouldn’t be allowed in bars. And some people shouldn’t be allowed out in public without a chaperone. These are their stories. That’s not how that’s done There was this great little takeaway near my first apartment. It was simple stuff. Sandwiches,…

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Olympia ice cream Dreaming of summertime? A friendly reminder from the collection that warmer weather is on the way, with one of our favourite summer treats: Olympia Ice Cream. The Olympia Ice Cream Parlour was opened in Summerside by Henry Gaudet in 1911. Although the packaging has changed since then, you can still buy Olympia ice cream today. The Olympia…

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Welcome to the shortest and yet what somehow manages to feel like the longest month of the year. We do have an extra day tacked on with it being a Leap Year, but regardless, February can definitely feel extra long with its cold temperatures, piles of snow, and the inevitable sense that one should hibernate. Wait, my apologies, I am…

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