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(what’s that food) Grab a bag of these peppers and be prepared to enjoy their unique flavour. Native to China, the name would suggest that they are related to the black peppercorn (native to India), however these spices are not related. Sichuan peppercorns are the dried berries of a rue plant, not peppercorns at all. The rue plant falls into…

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Namaste Lamb, Fall Flavours September 23, 2017

Namaste. For many westerners, the first exposure to the greeting is usually associated with yoga. The word conjures up feelings of being peaceful, tranquil. But the addition of a little four letter word changes everything. Lamb. Pairing up namaste and lamb, the evening got a whole lot spicier. In India, namaste is a not really a yoga-related term at all.…

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Back to the grind

Kate Lee, the Spice Lady of PEI, adds flavour to the local retail landscape Kate Lee’s obsession with spices began with a fervent search for the perfect shawarma spice mix when she was just 19 and working at the Town & Country restaurant in Charlottetown. While the family that ran the restaurant shared many recipes with her, the concoction of…

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