Laura Weatherbie, Cheryl Young and Grace Kimpinski ham it up for #EachforEqual photo credit: Rod Weatherbie


As our third issue of 2020 hits the shelves, you may see a few minor changes to our digest due to our new printer. We hope these are minor changes for our readers, and that the content inside these pages continues to inform and promote thought about PEI’s food landscape.

Some months a theme emerges within the stories we are bringing you and the issue of food insecurity is one that you will find in our March issue.

With our feature story, I had the opportunity to speak to many people about the issue of food insecurity here on PEI. From food bank directors to policy analysts and social activists, it was eye-opening. Sitting down with someone who has experienced the realities of not having enough food from a young age put a face to this issue for me. Being involved in the food world here on the Island has meant that I usually am speaking with people who produce our food or create amazing dishes in the kitchen. Getting a perspective on what it’s like to not have food on the table was long overdue for me. Although there appear to be no quick and easy solutions, I am hopeful that our politicians and community activists are working towards reducing food insecurity on Canada’s Food Island.

Our Salty Chef this month is Sarah Forrester and she has some great recipes and tips on making your food budget stretch, particularly with fresh vegetables and fruit. Drs Katherine Bell and Shannon Curtis authored a recent study that looks at the link between food insecurity and diabetes which we highlight, and we have a quick update on the school lunch program that launched in a few schools in January.

March brings with it International Women’s Day, and on March 8, people around the world will acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices that women continue to make in the quest for equality. Look in our pages to see just a few of the great women here on PEI who work in our foodscape, from farmers to chefs to entrepreneurs and activists. Using the hashtag #EachforEqual, you too can strike a pose on March 8 for equality—we’d love to see your photos on Instagram or Facebook, please be sure to tag us!

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A “Jill of all trades” describes Cheryl to a T. From operating her own handyperson company, to selling luxury cars, to working as a film and TV crew member, her resume is diverse. But her dream as a kid was to be a journalist and she started down that path many years ago at CBC Charlottetown. Returning to her journalism roots, she’s excited to be editing Salty’s content and occasionally writing herself.

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