Bakery and Cafe Opens in Kensington

This month, Richard Schroeter and his daughters discovered a new cafe in Kensington to hang out at. He recently brought his camera along to capture some of the treats and sights at The Willow Bakery and Cafe.

When Jared Tobias (New Brunswick) and Jocelyn Thorwaldson (Manitoba) met in Saskatchewan, the search for a home and place to build a life became necessary. That search led them to Kensington, Prince Edward Island, where they set up a bed and breakfast. Jocelyn, a trained baker, would get rave reviews from their guests for the baked treats she would make. It became clear they would need to open up a bakery.

With Jared’s 20 years experience as a carpenter and Jocelyn’s many years as a baker, construction on Willow’s began in September of 2019, finishing in March of 2020. They were excited to finally open their doors on March 16th. They were only open for 3 hours when they were informed they had to close due to the pandemic sweeping across the world. They were unsure how their new business was going to survive.

Survive it did! They were able to modify it for take-out and the community came out to support them. In fact, they have had the need to hire 5 additional staff. It all fits within how they want to run their business: source local ingredients to make high quality goods and hire local to invest in and give back to the community they have come to love.

About Richard Schroeter

Richard has been in the multimedia game for a long time. He has a background in art and computer design and has used this experience working in television, film and photography. By day he works at Veterans Affairs, building presentations, restoring photos, editing Veterans video clips, and creating learning modules for Canadian students of all grades. By night he forages for food and figures Salty will be his go to starting point.

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