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Brewing Up a Love for Kombucha

Heart Beet Organics introducing many Islanders to ancient fermented tea beverage I have arrived at the epicentre of the Island’s kombucha revolution, located at Heart Beet Organics in Darlington, PEI. The women behind the operation, Verena Varga and Amy Smith, have invited me to their cozy farmstead to learn more about their latest fermentation endeavours. As Varga serves me a…

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Sauerkraut – Fermenting for Digestion

With the abundance of produce on PEI this time of year, the effort to preserve and store vegetables for the winter has already begun. When looking at the many preserving methods, the health benefits of fermentation deserve attention. Fermentation involves breaking down food using microorganisms. Quite often these microbes naturally occur, as is the case with sauerkraut; the microbes on…

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The Immune-Boosting Wonders of the Elderberry

This little berry packs a big punch! Elderberries, from the sambucus nigra plant, are wonderful immune-enhancing berries that can help protect our cells against some viral infections – perfect for the upcoming cold and flu season. The high antioxidant content of the berries also helps quell inflammation, making this berry a great choice for an autumn immune boost. Elderberries grow…

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