Upstreet’s New Menu

Chef Ilona Daniel the new culinary director at Charlottetown craft brewery

Chef Ilona Daniel is the new culinary director for Upstreet Brewery following the departure of Chef John Pritchard.

Daniel said the kitchen plans include incorporating the brewery’s beer offerings into the food.

The new menu launches in March and Daniel said it will include house made mustards,expanded vegetarian options as well as vegan dishes such as smoked carrot lox.

“I am excited to be a part of the new culinary vision at Upstreet,” Daniel said. “Upstreet is more than a brewery, it is a place where people come together as community, and it is in that spirit the inspiration for the new menu at Upstreet Craft Brewing is unearthed. Expect more shareable items featuring local products and baked goods made in-house.”

She said the menu will have fun, quirky twists on the classics like pop tarts for example. “And there will be desserts. Desserts made with beer! The menu I’m creating incorporates as much of the beer made on-site as possible, and in this way will pair perfectly with whatever your favourite pint might be.”

She said the experience with the brewery has been a very encouraging one.

“With every project I consult on, I have been very blessed to have a positive and energetic team to collaborate with, and working with Upstreet is no exception. The entire team is creative and willing to push the envelope.”

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