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Team Diabetes – Running for a Cause

Katherine Lowings runs for a disease familiar to many Islanders

For the past 8 years Katherine Lowings has been running marathons for a cause close to home. A music therapist from Alberta who now lives in the Charlottetown area, Lowings is a Type 1 diabetic.  In 2009, she joined Team Diabetes to improve her health and support the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA), running her first marathon in Prague. Four marathons and one 10K later, Lowings continues to run for Team Diabetes and is an advocate for a disease that affects millions of Canadians.

Team Diabetes, a unique program of the CDA, strives to prevent diabetes while raising funds for the registered charity. Participants commit to running a race and fundraising  In turn, the CDA supports to participants as they train, fundraise and ultimately run their race. Participants benefit from living a healthier lifestyle, which lowers their personal risk of diabetes, while the dollars they raise fund important research and support programs for those afflicted with diabetes.

Nutrition is very important in diabetes.  In Type 2 diabetes, being overweight and eating foods that digest more quickly (low glycemic index) can worsen the illness. Type 1 diabetics must calculate how much and what kind of foods they are eating and adjust regular injections of insulin to manage their blood sugar throughout the day.  “(There’s) nothing I can’t eat” says Lowings  “It’s all about knowing how many carbohydrates are in things…. It’s about taking the time ahead to prep.”

For runners like Lowings, managing blood sugar levels is a bit of a science, because exercise uses up blood glucose faster.  “If you have a regular working pancreas, your pancreas will compensate with insulin.  Mine can’t do that.  I have to think about what I am going to eat before a run. It’s like an equation.”  Lowings carries sources of sugar with her on her runs, as her blood sugars often drop.  

“(Running is) a wonderful stress relief!”  says Lowings. “More consistent exercise has managed my diabetes much better, and I am able to really enjoy the world around me and really be mindful.  Through running, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the world around me.”

“The biggest thing for me is the awareness piece,” says Lowings in explaining why she continues to run races with Team Diabetes. “When you are asking for money or you’re fundraising, you’re always talking about diabetes. (As a young child diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes), my experience in junior high and high school was very positive, but that’s not the case for everyone.”  Many diabetic kids are faced with a lack of understanding about the disease that can  make them feel even more alone and frightened.

Lowing’s next race with Team Diabetes will be the Bluenose 10k in Halifax this May and she wants you to join her. “A lot of people think they could never do this, but everyone can!  You can even walk them too.  If you are wanting to find a cause that really supports people then the Team Diabetes and the CDA is a really great way to go.  They are really dedicated to people with diabetes and their families.”


Who we are

Team Diabetes: Is the national activity fundraising program for the Canadian Diabetes Association; Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle to all Canadians; and, Raises funds for the provision of education and services, while advocating for our cause and breaking ground toward a cure.

What we do

Since 2000, Team Diabetes members have been leaders in the fight against diabetes, raising much needed funds for the CDA. To learn more about our program and our many exciting events, please visit our additional pages on the left-hand menu.

You don’t have to be an athlete to sign up! Team Diabetes prepares you for the physical challenge and provides you with the support you need to achieve your fundraising goals. (From the Team Diabetes website.)
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