The Island’s sandwiches for those who love sweets

Grab a glass of milk and get ready to enjoy some of the Island’s greatest cookies. Some may even say they are next level. If you like cookies (who doesn’t?), these delicious treats will fall nothing short of the best sweet sandwich you’ve ever had. Jordan and Ashley Cameron launched their cookie catering and pop-up business, Next Level Cookie in February. Next Level Cookie is currently a two-person specialty catering business. Jordan (realtor by day) bakes and assembles all of the cookies, while his wife Ashley (graphic designer) manages the social media and marketing.

Jordan—who studied Pastry Arts at the Culinary Institute of Canada and graduated in 2008—creates their cookie sandwiches out of a local kitchen in Charlottetown, with two yummy cookies, Italian meringue buttercream in the centre, and a variety of toppings and/or crumble. Italian meringue buttercream isn’t the easiest option for filling, but Jordan chose this specific type because he wants his cookie sandwiches to be more than just good. From popcorn, to candied pecan, to M&M’s–Jordan and Ashley choose specific toppings to compliment the clever name of the cookie sandwich. We asked Jordan who names the sandwiches, and he said both he and his wife have a hand in the naming.

Jordan Cameron, baker and business owner//Photo Credit: submitted photo

As a new business, Next Level Cookie is currently focused mainly on catering events. Their first large catering job was making 300 cookie sandwiches.

They see their product as a perfect option for weddings, banquets, and other events. When ordering for functions, customers can order pre-made sandwiches, or Jordan will assemble them onsite at the function. Next Level Cookie also holds pop-up shops, and Half-Dozen Specials. Pop-up shops are generally held twice a month at different locations around Charlottetown. Some past pop-ups have been at the Kent Street Market and Letter Board Company. Half-Dozen Specials provide an option for customers to purchase a smaller order of cookies and have them delivered.

Delivery for Half-Dozen Special orders is currently limited to within Stratford and Charlottetown but they hope to soon expand their reach across the Island. Jordan would love to see their business grow to have a larger kitchen of their own, and perhaps some employees, as he continues with both Next Level Cookie and his career as a realtor. Both he and Ashley have flexibility with their schedules, which will allow them to continue growing Next Level Cookie without one career or the other to suffer.

If you’re thinking “Darn it. I can’t have these! I need a gluten free option”, or if you follow a vegan diet–no worries! Next Level Cookie has got you covered. The cookie, ‘Will you be my GF’ is a gluten free option, and ‘The Friendly Monkey’ is both gluten free and vegan. After starting to follow a gluten free diet himself, Jordan found he wasn’t baking as often. Eating the treats is half the fun, after all. However, planning for the Next Level Cookie business helped spark his passion for making goodies again, and he has hit the ground running. “I don’t find it too bad. We do have gluten free and vegan options available so that helps,” Jordan said, when asked if he finds it difficult to make all of the cookies and not be able to eat them, too.

The Blockbuster//Photo Credit: submitted photo

Looking for more on the business online? As mentioned before, Ashley manages the social media and marketing of the business. Instagram is their main platform, but you can also find them on Facebook and at www.nextlevelcookie.com.