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How Fall Flavours Festival boosts small town profiles in PEI Georgetown, population 555; Victoria, population 74; North Rustico, population 607; Alberton, population 1,100; Abram-Village, population 272: PEI is dotted with small towns and villages from tip to tip. Now just imagine the swell of activity and people that a typical Fall Flavours event brings to these picturesque yet minimally-populated spots.…

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Meeting the challenges in our school food programs It’s safe to say that Morgan Palmer, a Red Seal Chef, Registered Dietitian, and newly appointed school food environment project lead, is excited about the future of food in all schools across the Island. Just as excited as her are the students she’s working with. East Wiltshire Intermediate, Tignish Elementary, and Morell…

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A Fisherman on a Mission

“A cubicle job would crush my soul. Not everyone is wired to do those kinds of jobs. . . I get to see the sun rise every morning. I love being my own boss.” Andy Rayner knew that he was meant to be a fisherman. Growing up fishing certainly influenced his career path; “When I lived in other provinces or…

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