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The Spice Store fills a gap with its Indian spices and products It’s a long way from Kerala, to Dubai, to Prince Edward Island, but that is the spice route that lead Ramila Agrawal to open a popular spice store on St Peter’s Road in Charlottetown. Agrawal, originally from southern India, spent most of her life in the United Arab…

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What’s that food? Looking for an authentic vegetable to put in your curries? The snake gourd is your choice. Trichosanthes cucumerina is a tropical or subtropical vine, which is raised for its strikingly long fruit. Found in the wild across much of South and Southeast Asia, including India, Nepal, Indonesia, and southern China, it is also regarded as native in…

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Some Like It Hot

Warming up to Indian cuisine in PEI’s capital There’s been something special in the air in Charlottetown lately, and it’s not just the remnants of Christmas spirit. How about freshly baked naan and the scent of richly spiced curries that have been simmering into perfection? The alluring smell of Indian food is now more common and recognizable in Charlottetown than…

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