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Perspectives on keeping rural communities vibrant in the winter They say it takes a village to raise a child. But when the village collapses, what does it take to raise it again? Many PEI villages are relics of a once thriving rural community. As agriculture and other major industries became industrialized, the lifeblood of these places was gradually siphoned out.…

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A Pageant with a Purpose

New Glasgow’s River Clyde buoyed by support of creatives, chefs, newcomers, and community Following a successful inaugural year in 2016, it was hard for co-creators Ker Wells and Megan Stewart to imagine not doing the River Clyde Pageant again this year. The outdoor travelling performance provides an entertaining and educational tour along the banks of the River Clyde in New…

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Chef Emily Wells and her kitchen team

YouMeal Heads West

Meal delivery service expands to western PEI A delicious, chef-prepared meal waiting on your front porch when you arrive home from a long work day sounds like a dream right? Well, dream no more because meal delivery services, once the exclusive domain of big city-dwellers working on the high street, are now accessible on Prince Edward Island. YouMeal, one such…

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