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l-r: Marc, Krista, and Ben Schurman (and Zoey the dog) in front of one of the new boilers Photo credit: Cheryl Young/Salty


Finding ways to save at Schurman Family Farm Imagine if you could save 100,000 litres of furnace oil a year? Yes, you read that right. One hundred thousand litres. That was approximately the number of litres of oil burned to heat the greenhouses at Atlantic Grown Organics in Kensington, PEI last year. The organic farm has over 4 acres of…

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Schurman Family Farm provided fresh produce for the study | photo credit: Cheryl Young/Salty


Local study looks at link between food insecurity and diabetes A recently released medical study has looked at the links between food insecurity and diabetes. Dr Katherine Bell formerly had a medical practice in western PEI and partnered with Dr Shannon Curtis to examine how food, in particular fresh produce, can influence the health of Type 2 diabetics on PEI.…

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A Q&A with Marc and Krista Schurman Take a drive down Route 104 just north of Kensington and you will come across a large farming operation unlike any other in PEI. Just before the paved road turns to dirt, you will see a large collection of greenhouses, the home of Atlantic Grown Organics. Combine a determination to farm organically with…

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Eat to Beat the Heat

A hot summer can dry us out, creating sensations of thirst, overheating, headache and inflammation. While drinking plenty of water is key, there are certain foods that can help to cool and moisten our systems and help us maintain balance in the summer heat and throughout the year too. Many of these hydrating foods are, happily, in season and can…

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Our Day on the COPC Farm Tour

On July 6, 2017, six of SALTY‚Äôs team took part in a media farm tour organized by PEI Certified Organic Producer Co-operative (COPC). Along with other members of the media, government, food industry, and Maritime farming community we toured five organic farms in central PEI. We learned many interesting facts along the way. Here are my top 11: 11. Typical…

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