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THE SALTY CHEF – with Chef Stephen Hunter

Let’s Eat Outside The concept of eating outdoors is, of course, not new. We have been eating outside for most of human history. But it’s now a special occasion to gather with friends outdoors, everybody contributing something to a casual feast. The history of the word in English is fairly recent, being mentioned in a letter in 1748, but it…

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There’s a wide range of Gouda cheese to choose from at Glasgow Glen Farm. Traditional cumin, smoky flavours, herb and garlic, Bluda (gouda with a hint of blue cheese) or spicy heat are some of choices all wrapped up and ready to go. If you’d prefer a vegan option, then Fauxmage from Fresh Start Fauxmage is the choice for you.…

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The Little Island Kitchen: New Potatoes

The humble potato has had a rough go of things lately. What was once a staple on dinner plates across Canada has now been consigned by many to the “unhealthy” category of foods—and to me, that’s a great shame. Not only are potatoes full of many essential nutrients, they’re a great, cost-effective ingredient that can be enjoyed in so many…

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