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Eat to Beat the Heat

A hot summer can dry us out, creating sensations of thirst, overheating, headache and inflammation. While drinking plenty of water is key, there are certain foods that can help to cool and moisten our systems and help us maintain balance in the summer heat and throughout the year too. Many of these hydrating foods are, happily, in season and can…

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Sea lettuce and seashells on the sand.

Lettuce of the Sea

Island beaches can do more than just nourish your soul. If you learn to recognize the distinctive, bright green seaweed known as sea lettuce, you can wildcraft your own nutritional supplement. This common local species contains more iron than beef! Easy to identify, sea lettuce gets started in the estuaries in April. As it matures, it can be found along…

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Food as Fuel – Prepping your Body for Winter

Food choices you make in late fall can help fortify your body for winter. In general, this means moving away from cold, raw foods and eating more baked, stewed, and warming foods until spring arrives. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, fall wind and dryness impacts on the lungs, skin, and large intestine. Moisten them by eating mushroom soups, stewed or…

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