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Food industry symposium Forage explores evolving story of Canadian cuisine A night you decide to dine out, you ponder what you’re in the mood for… Indian, Asian, Canadian—wait, Canadian? What’s that? To food writer Anita Stewart, who’s researched the topic for over 30 years, Canadian cuisine is not just fine dining in high-end, locally-focused restaurants, but also what you, the…

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Up-close of purple beets

Purple is the New Green

2017 food trend encourages deeply-pigmented vegetables on your plate The familiar phrase “eat your greens” may soon change to reflect one of 2017’s biggest food trends: the colour purple. It’s a well-known fact that colourful fruits and veggies are good for you. They’re high in phytonutrients, those compounds including flavonoids and pigments that naturally protect and enrich plants. Phytonutrients such…

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