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Policy options to support food sovereignty in a post-pandemic world The tumultuous and uncertain state of the world in recent months poses an opportunity to analyze, with care, the systems we live in. We are in a public health crisis, an anti-racism revolution, and an economic recession¹. At the intersection of these three realities is the food system. The need…

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Despite being ‘Canada’s Food Island’, PEI faces challenges with food security | photo credit: Cheryl Young/Salty


Despite being ‘Canada’s Food Island’, PEI faces challenges with food security Food and shelter: two of the most basic needs a person has. Imagine having to choose between them. Unfortunately for a number of Islanders, that is a choice that they sometimes have to make. In a 2014 survey, 8700 households¹ in PEI were deemed food insecure. With 15.1 percent…

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Foundational work has been done, 2020 to see community engagement on issues like food security and environment The Charlottetown Food Council was established in the summer of 2018. Salty sat down with Karen Murchison, chair of the council, to catch up on what they’ve been doing. Salty: Does the Council still have the same number of members? Karen: So we’re…

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Using Their Smarts

Food product development centre applying innovation to community food issues If you call yourself Canada’s Smartest Kitchen (CSK), you had better live up to the name. And there’s plenty of evidence that the Charlottetown-based food innovation company is doing just that, earning a reputation for their work with food businesses, large and small. But being smart isn’t the only thing…

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Stepping Up to the Plate

Planting the seeds for better food security on PEI The PEI Food Exchange is graduating its fourth cohort of Community Food Mentors this fall. This iteration of the program focused on providing participants with knowledge and skills in gardening. It marks just one of the many activities this grassroots organization has undertaken to address food insecurity on the Island. A…

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Municipal Bylaws Prohibit Livestock

Bylaws in some Island municipalities make it difficult for residents to pursue food security and sustainability goals With food prices ever increasing and a growing disconnect from farming, many Islanders are taking it upon themselves to regain some control over their food supply. While backyard gardens are the most common means of doing so, backyard animals are gaining popularity, with…

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Creating Community

Summerside’s Soul Soup offers free lunch program and weekly connection The act of coming together to share a meal is a longheld tradition shared the world over. To break bread around a table is to celebrate life and the commonalities we share. Over the past year, Soul Soup, hosted by the Summerside Church of the Nazarene, has been serving up…

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Food Trends – Insects on your Dinner Plate

When tracking food trends, one can usually look to the fanciest of fine dining to see what may trickle down into our magazines, Pinterest boards, grocery shelves, and finally into our shopping carts. Insects, however, have been crawling along a different pathway to the centre of our plate. The insects-as-food trend was born out of necessity. The trend speaks to…

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A Fisherman on a Mission

“A cubicle job would crush my soul. Not everyone is wired to do those kinds of jobs. . . I get to see the sun rise every morning. I love being my own boss.” Andy Rayner knew that he was meant to be a fisherman. Growing up fishing certainly influenced his career path; “When I lived in other provinces or…

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