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In case you missed it The wildfires that spread throughout Australia in December and January prompted Amanda Beaton, co-owner of Truckin’ Roll, to organize a fundraiser at Founders’ Hall and Food market in early January. With the assistance of Kristina Allen, events manager for Founders’ Hall, the idea took hold rapidly and ballooned into an event larger than anyone anticipated.…

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Uncommon spirit is awarded top honours at the 2019 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition last month There’s a bit of ritual involved in properly enjoying absinthe. The distilled spirit—often mistaken for a liqueur, despite being up to 75 percent alcohol—is served with three parts ice water to cut the bitterness of wormwood. The water should pour from an absinthe fountain, onto…

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Spirited Endeavours

“It was just by chance,” Mike Beamish says of how he discovered he could use the ground apples from his u-pick orchard if he fermented and distilled the juice. Having stumbled upon an article that outlined how he could transform what had once been destined for the compost into a saleable product, Beamish set out to establish a distillery. Four…

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