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Chef Ilona Daniel continues to push out of her culinary comfort zone Self-proclaimed food seductress, Culinary Institute of Canada instructor, writer, recipe developer, consultant, social media maven, and champion of PEI’s potatoes, seafood, and all that we grow: Chef Ilona Daniel is the epitome of the expression ‘if you want something done, give it to a busy person’. Celebrity chefs…

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Inaugural conference highlights food industry issues while celebrating Island’s abundance of good food It was an unseasonably cold and damp two days in October when farmers, food entrepreneurs, celebrity chefs, culinary students, food producers, and foodies gathered to take in the first Forage Prince Edward Island Food Symposium. Held over two days, the symposium’s goal was to create “a gathering…

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THE SALTY Chef with Chef Stephen Hunter

Olive a little more, please… Olive oil is a simple product. At its best: perfectly ripe olives, minimally processed, bottled, and on your table as fresh as possible. Olive oil is at its core, just fruit juice, but unlike most fruit juices this one is full of good fats and surprising flavours. For almost 10,000 years this product has been…

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A Fancy Name for Simple Soup Say you have some shells and bones left over after processing your catch and selling the meat to the local swells, what is a poor fisherman to do? Why, create an inexpensive soup that will eventually be one of the pricier broths to end up on any menu all over the world. There are…

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THE SALTY CHEF – with Chef Stephen Hunter

Soup “Only the pure of heart can make good soup” – Beethoven The history of soup goes back a long way. Some 20,000 years ago archaeologists say the Chinese were making a form of soup, based on pottery sherds found in Jiangxi Province, China. Soup is also responsible for our use of the word ‘restaurant’. The word was first used…

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From Aquaculture to Kitchen Culture

Chef Stephen Hunter shares his journey through some of PEI’s popular food destinations What got you into cooking? I travelled, tasting cuisines from different countries. Then I found myself in Vancouver with $120 in my pocket. So I got a job in my field, aquaculture (salmon farms). I wanted to enjoy all of the flavours I had tried, and couldn’t…

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