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Caron Prins, aka “The Queen of Fries” is moving her Chip Shack from Prince St in Charlottetown to the waters of the Charlottetown Harbour. The Chip Shack will be placed on a barge and then permanently docked at the Charlottetown Marina as a floating restaurant.

Farmers across the Island have been frustrated by vehicles driving through freshly planted fields. The RCMP launched an investigation into one case in Lot 16, after a freshly planted alfalfa field was driven over, causing up to $5000 worth of damage. Another field in Stratford was damaged by ATVs trespassing on the field, damaging freshly planted beans and row covers and a farmer in Bedeque took to Twitter when they found tire tracks in their field. Please respect our farmers’ fields!

Atlantic Business magazine presented their top 50 CEOs awards in early May. Mitch Cobb, CEO of Upstreet Craft Brewing, James Bradley, CEO of ADL were among the CEOs honoured. As well, Harvey Stewart, founder of HF Stewart in West Point was another top CEO for his work with Trout River Industries.

The PEI 4-H wrapped up the BioFutures Project with a presentation by the 4-H members who participated. It was a six-week inaugural project where eight senior 4-H members (ages 16-19) toured and took part in hands-on learning experiences at five bioscience organizations: National Research Council, Nautilus, Nature’s Crops, Centre for Aquaculture Technologies Canada, and Canada’s Smartest Kitchen. The purpose of this initiative was to introduce senior 4-H members to PEI bioscience cluster and possible career paths.

4-H PEI BioFutures members (L to R) Genevieve Beaulac (Fort August 4-H Club), Nicolle MacDonald (Grand River East 4-H Club), Sarah Sonier (Wheatley River 4-H Club), Nellie Wood (North River 4-H Club), Jory Donovan (Summerville 4-H Club), Julie VanLeeuwen (Pleasant Valley 4-H Club). Missing from photo: Spencer Saunders (Fort Augustus 4-H Club), Kirsten Kouwenberg (Millview-Vernon River 4-H Club)                                                                                                         submitted photo

It’s that time of year! Multiple restaurants across PEI are opening their doors for the season. Too many to list, but it’s a great month to seek out and visit one in your area.

The city of Charlottetown is accepting applications for the city’s Food Council. The general mission of the Food Council is to examine the operation of the existing food system and take action to improve it. Interested persons can apply online at the city’s website.

The former Little Christos plant in Desable has been purchased and is being revamped as a cold and dry storage facility. It will also be used to house The Iceman business (making and distributing ice across the Island) and as a propane cylinder exchange location.

Clohossey Farms in Tignish has begun to rebuild after a devastating fire this winter destroyed much of their farm equipment and barn. They will be planting their crops and plan to continue offering fresh produce to Islanders.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans rejected a provincial government request to open the rock crab fishery early. Lobster fishers are having difficulties getting bait for their traps, a shortage of gaspereau has occurred because of the New Brunswick flooding. The PEI government felt that rock crab could possibly fill the bait gap.

Tastee Dawgs, a takeout restaurant, is opening in Borden-Carleton on the former site of The Handpie Co. The owners, Rudy and Denise Perrin, moved to PEI to retire but found themselves bored, so began the process to open up the franchise. They had previously owned a Tastee Dawgs restaurant in Alberta.


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