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PEI Beer Festival moves indoors

Now in its fourth year, the PEI Beer Festival has moved its outdoor venue to one of Charlottetown’s most well-known indoor venues, the Delta Prince Edward. Removing the worry of being rained out has allowed for a smoother and more reliable experience. And smooth, from all outward appearances, is how the Festival ran.

2017 PEI Beer Festival at the Delta Prince Edward//Photo Credit: Richard Schroeter/Salty

When the doors open to mark the start of Friday’s evening session, a large crowd begins filling the room, their tiny cups ready to receive the beers they already love and the beers they will come to love. Some have arrived with old friends. An excuse to dress up and catch up on times past. Some have arrived to try new beers and, hopefully, find one or more to add to their home bars.

Al Douglas, PEI Beer Festival’s event manager, moves around the room, greeting the attendees, thanking them for coming out. He has overseen everything—from finding the breweries in attendance to marketing and ticketing. The event sold out for both days. He looks pleased.

“As the festival grows, we’re bringing in more smaller/unique breweries from the Maritimes and beyond.” says Al. “And also involving more ciders—that market is exploding and is a good pairing with beer festivals.”

Photo Credit: Richard Schroeter/Salty

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