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Welcome to the shortest and yet what somehow manages to feel like the longest month of the year. We do have an extra day tacked on with it being a Leap Year, but regardless, February can definitely feel extra long with its cold temperatures, piles of snow, and the inevitable sense that one should hibernate. Wait, my apologies, I am truly showing my bias towards our warmer months!

Winter grumbling aside, February does bring with it positive and uplifting things. It tends to be a month when we turn to comfort foods—rich stews and hearty soups—and leaving the oven on for a few hours to create a meal is just fine. This month’s Salty Chef offers a tasty recipe for lamb shanks from chef Chanelle Doucette, truly an awesome meal choice on a cold winter’s day.

February also means Canada’s Agriculture Day, and on the 11th we suggest you take a moment to celebrate all our hard working farmers do here on PEI. We’ve got some facts and figures for you about our PEI Ag scene, and should you happen across someone who works hard to get food to your table, give them your thanks.

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As always, I love learning about PEI’s food and this month’s feature was particularly interesting to me. Delving into why and how entrepreneurs develop food products was eye-opening, and it’s clear to me that our island is poised to punch way above its weight in food production in the coming years.

I’d be remiss to not mention that this month we say goodbye to the folks at Transcontinental Printing. The team has been wonderful to us at Salty and we will miss them. Thank you for printing Salty and going above and beyond with our publication.

For me winter can also mean snuggling in with a cuppa and reading more. Why not grab your favourite hot beverage and read this issue cover to cover? I think it’s worth the time!
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