Wow, another year is coming to an end! Is it me, or does time seem to fly by quicker each year? I recently read that time is based on our perception and when we are happy or productive it seems to pass more quickly. Obviously it’s been a productive and pleasant year here at Salty.

Each month we work hard to bring you stories from across PEI, all with a food-focus. I’ve had the privilege of speaking with many Islanders in 2019 and have loved bringing you their stories each month. From learning more about poultry, potato, and cattle farming to discovering new food products to try in my own kitchen, the year has given me many blessings.

Anyone who has met me knows that I’m a “talker” (and probably an “over-sharer” too!), but I truly love the conversations I have shared this year. Thank you to the entrepreneurs, farmers, chefs, fishers, and restaurant owners who graciously spoke with me and our writers this year. It’s your stories we want to tell.

Bringing you great content each month takes a team. Without our writers, photographers, proofreaders, distributors, and of course, our publisher Laura (who wears too many hats to list), Salty would not exist. Thank you.

I would also like to thank all of the businesses who have entrusted their advertising to Salty this year. As entrepreneurs, we work hard to bring each issue of Salty to publication, and it would not be possible without your advertising.

At this year’s Farm Day in the City, we handed out over 1000 copies of our October issue. It was gratifying to see many people make a beeline to us for their copy and hear that you read Salty “cover to cover” each month. Thank you, for without you there would be no reason to publish our digest each month.

I am excited for the new decade that’s around the corner. As we head into 2020, I can’t wait to have more fascinating conversations with Islanders and bring their stories to life in our pages.

About Cheryl Young

A “Jill of all trades” describes Cheryl to a T. From operating her own handyperson company, to selling luxury cars, to working as a film and TV crew member, her resume is diverse. But her dream as a kid was to be a journalist and she started down that path many years ago at CBC Charlottetown. Returning to her journalism roots, she’s excited to be editing Salty’s content and occasionally writing herself.

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