Eats PEI Restaurant Profile – The Thoughtful Squash

Eats PEI sat down with Cathy McInnis, owner of The Thoughtful Squash, to learn more about the unique restaurant that has recently relocated to downtown Charlottetown.

The History
When Cathy McInnis set to work planning her dream restaurant she had very definite ideas.

“I knew I wanted to be in town and have the first really savvy, vegetarian restaurant that wasn’t traditional. No stir-fries or anything, just some really funky new food.”

Her volunteer work with Family Violence Prevention influenced the vegetarian concept. “I wanted to show parents that don’t have as much money that you can make a lot of great meals with just veggies and it’s a lot less expensive.”


The Name
Originally, Cathy had hoped to set up close to Holland College and connect with the city’s youth. This and Cathy’s love of volunteering and random acts of kindness were the inspiration for the “thoughtful” in the name.

Wanting to include a vegetable in the name, her daughter suggested squash as it is one of their family’s favourite vegetables and the “Thoughtful Squash” was born.

Interestingly, squash pie was not on the original menu, it wasn’t until Cathy’s mom pointed out the obvious, “What kind of a restaurant called The Thoughtful Squash doesn’t have a squash pie?” Needless to say, their now famous squash pie has been on the menu ever since!20161015_121323-edited

The New Location
The new location features a crisp, minimalistic decor and is very family-friendly. “We have crayons, colouring books, and games like hangman and Taboo on the table. Families will play while they wait for their meals.” Children are encouraged to order off the regular menu, with children’s-sized portions and prices for most items. Cathy wants everyone who comes to The Thoughtful Squash to feel comfortable and at home.

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Location: 119 Kent St. – 2nd floor
Cuisines: Breakfast, Cafe, Seafood, Burger, Sandwiches, Wheat Free, Vegetarian, Vegan
Weekly Special: Fishcake Friday – Two salt cod and haddock fish cakes with a cup of chowder.
New on the Menu: The Coffee Bomb