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I first met John Bil when we worked together at the Stanley Bridge Country Resort in the early 90s. He was also working at Carr’s Lobster Pound, and at that point in his fish career I was already sure he was some kind of fish genius (jedi/guru/master). John is the reason I love oysters and quahogs today and I imagine…

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Street Farm – Book Review

Vancouver’s Sole Food Street Farms creating an urban “farmily” Street Farm – Growing Food, Jobs and Hope on the Urban Frontier, Michael Ableman, Chelsea Green Publishing, August 9, 2016, 1st edition, 256 pages, paperback, $41.95, ISBN 978-1-60358-602-3 Fragility and strength. In Michael Ableman’s latest book, Street Farm – Growing Food, Jobs and Hope on the Urban Frontier these counterparts stand…

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Real Food Fake Food – Book Review

Not all food is created equal. This may seem obvious but as Larry Olmsted makes clear in his most recent book – Real Food/Fake Food – even food that seems “real” may indeed be “fake. The problem is not something that happens only when you compare Parmigiano-Reggiano with Cheez Whiz, but also when you compare that Parmigiano-Reggiano, created and aged…

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