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Did you know Canada is the world’s fifth largest agricultural exporter? From exporting Prairie-grown lentils, to PEI’s potatoes, Canada’s food fills bellies around the world.

It’s time to give kudos to agriculture in Canada, and February 13th is the day to do so. “Canada’s Agriculture Day is a time to celebrate the individuals that work hard every day to produce the food we all love and enjoy. People involved in agriculture are passionate and innovative; they value family, community, and sustainability and they dedicate their lives to producing safe and healthy food for Canadians,” Kayla Nieuwhof, Farm and Food Care PEI said.

Salty caught up with a couple folk and asked them what the best thing about their life in agriculture is.

Maryella Marynard//submitted photo

Maryella Maynard is an agronomist working at PEI Agromart. She grew up on a farm and got her degree at the Agricultural College in Truro, NS. As an agronomist, her job includes providing farmers with cropping advice, information on pest control, soil nutrition, and selling farmers seeds. Maynard said it’s very simple, “For me, it’s working every day with farmers. It’s that opportunity, to work every day with farmers out in the field.”

l-r Jane, Kyle, Millie, Megan, Logan, Cheryl, Kevin, Elaine, Roy, Joel Jewell, Morgan Louis//Photo courtesy of the University of Prince Edward Island

Jewell Dale Farm is a family affair which began in 1959. The dairy farm is operated by Kevin and Cheryl Jewell and their sons Kyle, Logan and daughter-in laws Jane and Megan, while their other son Joel is an agricultural mechanic at John Deere. They were the recipient of the 2017 Honorable Eugene F. Whelan Green Hat Award at the Atlantic Veterinary College for their contributions to the college and veterinary medicine.

They enjoy running their family business and make decisions together. Their goal is to produce quality food for consumers while providing a comfortable environment for the cows and the people who work on the farm. Kyle loves working on the land, while Logan is passionate about the dairy cows. Working together daily as a family is satisfying for Kevin and Cheryl and being  able to do what they love to do vital. “Seeing our crops and  livestock produce quality food is a real passion for all of us on the farm.”

Will Beattie and Rosemond MacDougall//submitted photo

Rosemond MacDougall owns and operates Heatherdale Wholesome Goods with her brother, Will Beattie. Their endeavour started in 2015 and provides both certified organic cold-pressed canola oils and cold-milled oats to markets across PEI. They also ship product across Canada through their online store. When asked what was the best thing about her life in agriculture MacDougall said, “Providing good, simple, nourishing food for others is an absolute joy. We love seeing fresh milled grain and smelling the pure, freshly pressed oil we prepare because we’ve walked those organic fields and know exactly where that beautiful product comes from.”

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