An Eccentrically Formal Evening of Food and Fun

Confederation Centre of the Arts sets its sights on creating an unforgettable dinner party

Dinner and the theatre have always been friendly conspirators, colluding to provide an evening of unforgettable moments that delight and surprise.

It is, perhaps, that very promise of intrigue and magic that inspired the Confederation Centre of the Arts to hold a culinary-centric fundraiser in the depths of winter. On February 3rd, the place to be in Charlottetown is at Chef Michael and Chastity’s Dinner Party. And yes, that would be the Smiths, in case you were wondering.

“When Chef Michael volunteered to host, we were beyond excited. He completely understands the value of an inspiring performance combined with a delicious meal,” said Chief Marketing Officer of the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Carol Horne.

“And the evening will be enriched by the musical talents of Chastity Smith (and her band).”

The Centre is no stranger to creating exceptional and unique culinary experiences. In the past, it has hosted Behind the Red Velvet, which saw dinner guests seated directly on the mainstage of the Homburg Theatre (and, as such, behind the red velvet curtain). With artistic and theatrical talent, as well as in-house catering and dining expertise, the Centre is well positioned to knock it out of the park with its latest culinary masterpiece.

The dinner party will begin in the early evening with a reception in the Confederation Centre of the Arts, followed by the main event at The Mack.

“We are billing this an ‘eccentrically formal’ evening and, without giving away too much, we suggest our guests prepare to be well-fed and well-entertained,” Horne said.

The Smiths are excited to put their cheffing and entertaining chops towards supporting the Confederation Centre’s work.

“Chazz and I and our family are regular attendees at many of (the Centre’s) shows and performances. We appreciate the world-class artistry in our midst and hope to do our share to support it,” said Chef Michael.

The beauty of a fundraising dinner is that it can be easier to justify the indulgence (of both calories and cash) knowing that the money is going to be put to good use.

“People may not realize that hundreds of young people come to the centre every week for arts education. It’s always so much fun to see children in smocks or tutus in our spaces, and participation in these activities benefits youth in so many ways,” said Horne.

Chef Michael will lend his signature interactive style of hosting to the evening, however guests can expect the Confederation Centre to up the ante on what “interactive” entails.

“We are working on some potentially crazy and intriguing stunts, so stay tuned for that, ” said Horne. “Also, I can’t wait to see how people choose to interpret the eccentrically formal dress code.”

For more information and to purchase tickets to Chef Michael and Chastity’s Dinner Party, visit or call 902-566-1267.

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