Plant recently recognized as a Certified Sustainable Processing Operation

After successfully passing a recent audit by Where Food Comes From Inc, Atlantic Beef Products Inc (ABPI), in Albany, PEI, has been recognized as a Certified Sustainable Beef Processing Operation.

Where Food Comes From Inc is an independent, third-party food verification company. The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) is a collaborative multi-stakeholder community devoted to advancing sustainability in the Canadian beef industry. For the plant to become certified, it had to demonstrate it meets all the requirements of the five principles of sustainable beef set out in the CRSB Sustainable Beef Processing Standard. The five principles are: Natural Resources (water, air, and land management practices), People and the Community (workers treated with equity and respect in a safe environment with opportunities for advancement), Animal Health and Welfare, Food (food quality, safety, and waste reduction), and Efficiency and Innovation.

“We are very proud to be a leader in the production of sustainable beef and view the certification of our plant as a significant step towards making our beef industry in the Maritimes even more sustainable than it already is,” Russ Mallard, president of ABPI, said. “In August 2018, Atlantic Beef Products Inc began to offer cattle producers in the Maritimes $0.02 per pound incentive on qualifying cattle to become part of the Verified Beef Production+ (VBP+) program which certifies beef producers to the CRSB Sustainable Beef Production Standard.”

“VBP+ is a beef production certification body for the CRSB,” Mallard explained in a press release. “Beef raised using VBP+ production standards that are processed at our Certified Sustainable Beef Processing Operation, will carry the CRSB Certified Beef Sustainability label and will give consumers confidence that our beef supply chain is operating to world class sustainability practices.”

“The CRSB would like to congratulate Atlantic Beef Products Inc for becoming certified to the Sustainable Beef Processing Standard,” Anne Wasko, Chair of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, said. “We are thrilled to have a processor in the Maritimes utilizing the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework. This demonstrates the opportunities to advance sustainability in the Canadian beef industry, and we look forward to working closely with their team.”

The CRSB membership includes organizations across the beef value chain and beyond; farmer/rancher associations, academic institutions, processor and processor associations, food and agriculture businesses, non-governmental associations (animal care and environmental organizations), retail and food service companies as well as governments and observers.

Atlantic Beef Products Inc is in Albany, PEI and provides exceptional quality beef products from cattle raised in pasture on small family farms. ABPI was already deemed a Certified Humane plant after passing an inspection that uses Dr Temple Grandin’s slaughter standards, with plant modifications made based upon her extensive research into humane practices for animal slaughter. As well, ABPI is the only the only federally inspected (CFIA) meat plant in the Maritimes. You can find ABPI’s beef across Canada at grocery retailers, food service distributors, and independent butchers throughout Canada.

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