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Photo credit: Cordell Wells


Winter Hearty Who doesn’t love an odd couple? These delicately paired flavours pack a whole lot of hearty flavour through opposites: savoury lamb and chocolately mole sauce, tart cranberries and custardy-sweetness. What better way to host a cosy winter dinner than with these recipes?! Lamb Shanks in Mole Sauce This is an intensely decadent dish that is perfect for a…

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THE SALTY CHEF with Chef Stephen Hunter

Braising There’s no better remedy to winter’s chills than a big, hot kitchen stove. While these wood-fired behemoths once doubled as a home’s main heat source, our modern appliances are often overlooked as a source of warmth during this darkest and coldest month of the year. When I am thinking of warm, comforting, cold weather cooking I am drawn to…

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The Little Island Kitchen – Chocolate

December is chocolate month here in The Little Island Kitchen, and what fun it was developing these recipes! From the awesome chocolatiers that I was able to source from to the last little spoonful of the final product, every moment has been a joy. I think that is part of the magic of chocolate – its power to delight and…

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