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Little Island Kitchen – Beer

There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t cook with any wine you wouldn’t happily drink, and in my books the same should definitely go for beer. Luckily, Prince Edward Island is a burgeoning hotspot for the brewing scene. Breweries are dotted across the Island, and are producing a delicious variety of beers, from lagers and witbier to bitters and stouts,…

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Upstreet’s New Menu

Chef Ilona Daniel the new culinary director at Charlottetown craft brewery Chef Ilona Daniel is the new culinary director for Upstreet Brewery following the departure of Chef John Pritchard. Daniel said the kitchen plans include incorporating the brewery’s beer offerings into the food. The new menu launches in March and Daniel said it will include house made mustards,expanded vegetarian options…

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Food Trend – Zero Waste

Reducing our foodprint makes environmental and economic sense As we make our way into 2017, it’s clear that the problem of food waste remains a prominent issue to those in the food production and hospitality industries as well as individuals looking for ways to reduce their personal foodprint. According to the David Suzuki Foundation, a staggering one-third of food produced…

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