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THE SALTY CHEF with Chef Stephen Hunter

It’s actually grilling First things first. When you cook outside on the ‘BBQ’ or ‘barbeque’ you are not technically barbequing, you are grilling. There are arguments to be made that grilling is just a fast version of barbequing but we will just leave those aside for the moment. Barbeque is all that smoke-and-low-heat stuff which is its own beast and…

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THE SALTY CHEF-with Guest Chef Sarah Forrester Wendt

Seaweed: Guest Chef Sarah Forrester Wendt of My Plum, My Duck shows us the versatility of our ocean’s briny delicacies Despite living in a place surrounded by ocean, seaweed isn’t something that shows up on our dinner plates as often as it did in the past. Sure there is the goma wakame we see at sushi restaurants (and even the…

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The Little Island Kitchen – Delicata Squash

You may not have heard of them, and I certainly hadn’t until they arrived in my CSA box last autumn, but delicata squash have quickly become my favourite autumn vegetable. Golden yellow, long, and striped with a deep green, these sweet squashes are absolute lifesavers on busy weeknights when supper needs to happen fast. They have all the rich and…

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