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Musings of a cranky chef: “What do you expect?” Sometimes as chefs we want someone else to cook for us, you know: shed the apron, ‘iron our shorts’, and transport ourselves to the other side of the swinging door, where food magically appears on tables. But, where to go? When we cook for ourselves we know what we’re getting into.…

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China and other eastern countries celebrate the new lunar year Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, falls on Friday, the 16th of February this year. Known as Chūn Jié in Mandarin, this is one of the largest celebrations within China, as important culturally as the western celebrations of Christmas. Spring Festival is determined by the Chinese lunar calendar and celebrations…

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Some Like It Hot

Warming up to Indian cuisine in PEI’s capital There’s been something special in the air in Charlottetown lately, and it’s not just the remnants of Christmas spirit. How about freshly baked naan and the scent of richly spiced curries that have been simmering into perfection? The alluring smell of Indian food is now more common and recognizable in Charlottetown than…

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