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THE SALTY CHEF with Chef Stephen Hunter

Braising There’s no better remedy to winter’s chills than a big, hot kitchen stove. While these wood-fired behemoths once doubled as a home’s main heat source, our modern appliances are often overlooked as a source of warmth during this darkest and coldest month of the year. When I am thinking of warm, comforting, cold weather cooking I am drawn to…

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The Salty Chef – Brining

Brining is one of those cooking techniques that some shy away from because it sounds complicated, and difficult. But it can be one of the simplest ways to prepare food for consumption. You can brine fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, even cheese. At its most involved there are related techniques like curing and fermenting, which can be challenging. But brining meat…

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Taking the Fight Out of Food

Celebrate Nutrition Month with the Dietitians of Canada “What is your relationship with food?” Maybe you’ve never asked yourself that question or maybe it’s one you’re intimately familiar with. In either case, it’s very likely that your relationship with food mimics that of any other relationship – with highs and lows, good times and hard times. To many, food represents…

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