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Made from maple wood, the Banjo Knife fits easily into the hand | photo credit: Cheryl Young/Salty


Handcrafted oyster knives created by champion shucker find niche market Jason Woodside is a lot of things: skate punk, oysterman, dishwasher, restaurateur, musician, champion oyster shucker, and now a knife maker. An oyster knife in particular, but a knife that brings all of Woodside’s past and interests into one beautiful little thing. “So I started shucking in 1998, and then…

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Jeff Noye and Damien Enman want you to come to their kitchen and feel like you’re home Tyne Valley is the perfect place for an oyster business. “This is the centre of the oyster universe,” Jeff Noye, co-owner of Valley Pearl Oysters (and mayor of Tyne Valley) said. “Even the rink here sells fried oysters. It’s on the regular menu.”…

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It’s funny that the sorts of foods rumoured to be aphrodisiacs are things you really don’t need an excuse to eat. Red wine? Drink away. Chocolate? Don’t need to ask me twice! Oysters? Bring them on. This is all just myth. No food is an aphrodisiac, but some foods can certainly set the mood for a romantic evening. And none…

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New research method monitors oysters’ health one beat at a time The quality and taste of an oyster is related to its health, but how do you test an oyster’s health while letting it to continue to grow? One possible indicator is heart rate, and researchers at the University of Prince Edward Island have developed a portable heartbeat monitor designed…

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Shellfish Venture in Souris

Entrepreneur Johnny Flynn juggles multiple businesses and roles “Keep it simple. Stay calm. Specialization is for insects.” These are all words to live by for PEI shellfish producer and retailer Johnny Flynn. Even under the challenge of running more than one business, and filling multiple roles within those operations, it is apparent that he knows how to enjoy every minute…

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Bivalve Love

PEI delicacy comes out of its shell One hundred and seventeen years ago the Malpeque oyster was proclaimed “the Best Oyster in the World” at the 1900 World’s Fair in Paris. It’s still considered the best by many in the culinary world. If you haven’t had the pleasure this year’s Feast and Frolic dinner at the PEI International Shellfish Festival…

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A Shucking Good Time

Tyne Valley Oyster Festival is all it’s cracked up to be The eyes of the oyster world will be focused on Tyne Valley again this year for the 53rd edition of the village’s Oyster Festival, which runs from August 2 to 6. “We are extremely excited for this year’s festival, and it is shaping up to be the best festival…

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La Mer director of operations François-Xavier Dehédin

Island Oyster Exports

Island shellfish has a global reputation for quality of product and great suppliers It goes without saying that oysters, alongside Anne of Green Gables, potatoes, and Stompin’ Tom Connors, are Prince Edward Island’s most recognizable exports, to the point that some Islanders may roll their eyes, determined not to be reduced to a set of rustic clichés. But we sometimes…

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