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Do You Want Fries With That?

Changes to ferry’s cafe menu a long time in the making For many travellers, a trip across the Strait on the ferry evokes many memories, and grabbing a meal from the onboard cafeteria is often among those. Classic fast-food items and quick grab-n-go sandwiches were the staples you found, in fact, last year alone the ferries served up 19,000 hot…

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Finding common ground in school food programs A diverse group of people gathered at the PEI Farm Centre on March 15 to discuss the challenges and successes of several projects implemented as part of the PEI government’s Community Food Security and Food Education Program. Teachers, dieticians, parents, farmers, and concerned citizens participated in a robust discussion. Some of the many…

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What’s on the Menu

A dig through the food archives reveals what people were eating a century ago. Bright speeches made after justice had been done to the menu — The Morning Guardian, April 19, 1901 Apparently the best party ever to take place on Prince Edward Island was a dinner for two hockey teams held the evening of April 18, 1901. I make…

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