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Getting Down to Business

The legalities behind starting a food business After all the fun of idea development and logo invention it was time for some serious business: getting the paperwork in place to legally sell our marzipan. Luckily Mike has a background in finance and, as an experienced entrepreneur, a lot of expertise with respect to legal business requirements. For us, it all…

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Marzipan – what?

Reality check for our business idea So here we are, my husband Mike and I, planning to make and sell marzipan. But will anybody but us want to eat it, let alone buy it? The two challenges ahead: 1) We had never made marzipan 2) Would people know what it is and/ or like it? The easiest answer to both…

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A Nutty Food Business

Maritime Marzipan—a German treat inspired by Island life If someone had told me a decade ago that we’d live in Canada one day I would have been surprised. If someone had told me two years ago that we’d have a house by the ocean I would have said they were crazy. If someone had told me six months ago that…

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