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The spring lobster season is highly anticipated by fishers and diners alike and this year’s setting day was scheduled for April 29 but was delayed by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans due to the inclement weather. Photographer Brian McInnis shared some of last year’s photos with us. He was onsite in North Rustico and Covehead Harbour in 2018 for…

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Rob Morrison and his company Covehead Seafoods come out on top with their premium PEI lobster dip Rob Morrison, a lobster fisher and recent food entrepreneur, walked away with a $25,000 award from Innovation PEI’s Ignition Fund after his business, Covehead Seafoods, was declared the winner of the second Food Xcel program. Offered by Food Island Partnership (FIP), the Food…

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A Fancy Name for Simple Soup Say you have some shells and bones left over after processing your catch and selling the meat to the local swells, what is a poor fisherman to do? Why, create an inexpensive soup that will eventually be one of the pricier broths to end up on any menu all over the world. There are…

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THE SALTY CHEF – with Chef Stephen Hunter

Soup “Only the pure of heart can make good soup” – Beethoven The history of soup goes back a long way. Some 20,000 years ago archaeologists say the Chinese were making a form of soup, based on pottery sherds found in Jiangxi Province, China. Soup is also responsible for our use of the word ‘restaurant’. The word was first used…

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Being Shellfish IS All It’s Cracked Up to Be!

Feast & Frolic kicks off the 2017 PEI International Shellfish Festival Bountiful. If only allowed one word to sum up the Feast & Frolic event on September 14th, 2017, this three syllable word would be the one. Other strong contenders would include: enticing, indulgent, grand, impressive, and spectacular. After all, how else could one describe an evening filled to the…

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Lobster Party on the Beach 2017

Just twenty-four kilometers south of O’Leary along the scenic North Cape Coastal Drive, Cedar Dunes Provincial Park is nestled in the ever-changing southwest shore of Prince Edward Island. Cedar Dunes, where Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association (PEIFA) hosts its seventh annual fête of the Island’s most famous marine crustacean, the lobster. A star of the Fall Flavours celebrations happening throughout…

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Fishing Industry Buoys Up the Arts

PEI Fishermen’s Association gets behind theatrical production, Glenda’s Kitchen, to raise awareness of the Island fishery Seafood chowder and butter biscuits. Storytelling and singing. Each of these quintessential Island pairings is a treat unto itself, but blend them together and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect afternoon filled with heart and hearty goodness. Glenda’s Kitchen, a production of The…

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Red cooked lobster displayed on cutting board.

The Little Island Kitchen – Lobster

It’s pretty hard to envision Prince Edward Island without a bright red lobster wiggling its way into the picture. It is a ubiquitous marketing symbol for the province and the lobster industry remains an important one for the Island economy and livelihood of many Islanders. And though we Islanders know it’s right at home as star of the “feed” as…

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Fishing boats leaving the harbour to set their lobster traps

Setting Day

The long-anticipated lobster season opens May 1st Setting Day is upon us. For generations, Island fishermen have taken to the waters after months of preparation to set their first traps for lobster season. On Setting Day, which is May 1st in most parts of the Island, captains and their crews assemble on the wharf before anxiously boarding their comically weighed-down…

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