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Kensington garden creation encourages community members to step forward Sometimes an idea can be planted and grow quickly. Creating a community garden in Kensington was a thought for Jamie MacKay that grew as fast as a radish in summer soil. MacKay’s passion for his community has filled up his schedule, and now his office. As the deputy provincial team lead…

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Rethinking the Menu

Pilot project aims to place more organic foods on kids’ plates We can all picture it: a plastic, mustard yellow compartmentalized lunch tray sliding across the metal cafeteria counter; one modest serving of wobbly red jello accompanied by a ration of spaghetti and meatballs, a white roll with margarine, perhaps iceberg lettuce with ranch dressing. School lunches, like many institutional…

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On the Right Track

Jaime Zehr and Eric Neal are living out their dream with Kensington’s Island Stone Pub Most of the time a vacation is simply a chance to get away from it all and rejuvenate, but sometimes it can be life-changing. Sometimes you pull up stakes, move to a little island, and open up a pub. At least that’s how things unfolded…

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