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Using cold frames to start early in the spring Producing fresh vegetables early in spring is possible and it does not take a lot of work or expense. Some garden vegetables that can be grown in a cold frame include lettuce, radish, spinach, onions, greens, and others. Oh yes, and lamb’s quarters also grow well if those appeal to you…

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An Island guide to growing on PEI Don’t you just love looking out of your window and feeling the warmth and intensity of the March sun? You can close your eyes and imagine it’s July again. When you open your eyes and look outside, it may still look like winter but spring is closer than you think. Typically PEI has…

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Plan to make your garden grow February is a short, cold month where thoughts of gardening are often buried as deeply as the fields under the snow. But it’s a great time to look ahead to warmer weather and do some planning for your gardens, be it vegetable, flower, or a combination of both. Now is a good time to…

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