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THE SALTY CHEF with Chef Stephen Hunter

It’s actually grilling First things first. When you cook outside on the ‘BBQ’ or ‘barbeque’ you are not technically barbequing, you are grilling. There are arguments to be made that grilling is just a fast version of barbequing but we will just leave those aside for the moment. Barbeque is all that smoke-and-low-heat stuff which is its own beast and…

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Taking the free-range philosophy to heart at Saoirse Farms Drive down a side road that is a patchwork of old asphalt, potholes, and frost heaves in eastern PEI for a few bone-jarring kilometres and you will find Saoirse Farms. It’s a chilly but sunny April afternoon when I cautiously make my way to the farm to meet with former NDP…

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The Salty Chef – Brining

Brining is one of those cooking techniques that some shy away from because it sounds complicated, and difficult. But it can be one of the simplest ways to prepare food for consumption. You can brine fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, even cheese. At its most involved there are related techniques like curing and fermenting, which can be challenging. But brining meat…

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