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Quick hits of silliness Sometimes being in a restaurant or in the kitchen of one is so overwhelming your “smarts” depart. It could be the heat of the stoves or the third glass of wine with dinner, either way we can’t all be geniuses all of the time, now, can we? In that spirit here are a few quick stories…

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From simple to complex, the hamburger is a blank canvas Hamburgers, burgers, Hamburg steak, Salisbury steak. Only something so loved and so ubiquitous could have so many names, not to mention the myriad variations: elk burger, veggie burger, roo burger. The history of this modest lunch is a bit murky. Chopped steak and chopped steak sandwiches have been popular for…

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The Little Island Kitchen

Lamb As the seasons change, so do the foods on my table. The coming of spring never fails to get me excited for all the bright, crisp tastes that arrive alongside those first few crocus blooms bursting through the crusts of ice and snow. So many beautiful foods just feel right on a springtime table and lamb is one of…

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