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There’s a wide range of Gouda cheese to choose from at Glasgow Glen Farm. Traditional cumin, smoky flavours, herb and garlic, Bluda (gouda with a hint of blue cheese) or spicy heat are some of choices all wrapped up and ready to go. If you’d prefer a vegan option, then Fauxmage from Fresh Start Fauxmage is the choice for you.…

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Mary MacGillivray brews up toe-tapping tunes and tea at Brìgh Music & Tea At one point or another, we’ve all attended a coffee house and experienced the magic of sipping a hot beverage while relaxing to softly played acoustics. Switch out the coffee for a hand-selected loose leaf tea and the guitar for an Irish whistle, and you’d be experiencing…

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Food Trend – Sugar

The Bittersweet Truth If you haven’t heard, sugar is the new enemy. We’ve known for a long time that excess sugar consumption can lead to negative health effects including increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. While current recommendations include reducing your total sugar intake to 25 grams or less per day, sometimes it’s not so obvious how much you…

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