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PEI Food Share looking for more volunteers

First founded in 2015 by Christy Morgan to help cut down on food waste, PEI Food Share has continued to grow over the past few years, an unfortunate testament to the fact that many people in PEI suffer from food insecurity. Heather Coles stepped into Morgan’s shoes in 2017, and with the help of Melanie Visser, Sarah Northrup and Rachel Mears, she has continued on with the work of feeding hungry Islanders.

The food share model is simple—people who have extra food donate it, people who need food request it, and the network goes to work to help provide and deliver that food. Often people are unable to get to a food bank or other resources so local PEI Food Share representatives act as a vital link between people in need and private donors in the community. The group also has some retailers that pass on unsold food products. There is an active Facebook group with over 2,700 members where people can post their donations of extra food for representatives to pick up and distribute.

Heather Coles, PEI Food Share is looking for volunteers Photo credit: Laura Weatherbie/Salty

When asked about the need, Coles said, “It goes in waves, depending on the time of the month, the time of the year. March was really really busy, just waiting, a lot of people their seasonal work hasn’t started up, people have run out of their EI.”Currently the group is looking for more representatives across the Island. “We need somebody in West Prince, we’re also looking for someone in Slemon Park,” Coles said. “Our biggest search right now is we’re looking for two reps in the Summerside area.”

Coles said that while they’d be happy with any new volunteers, they feel that duos are the best fit for the Summerside area, be that a couple, or friends, or siblings who are used to working together. The area can be busy and therefore can be challenging to manage so Coles feels that people who may already be accustomed to working together could be the best fit. They are also searching for some additional reps in the Charlottetown/Winsloe/West Royalty areas.
A representative’s role in an area is to both solicit donations and distribute them, so organizational skills are helpful, along with discretion and empathy. Access to a vehicle is also vital but the hourly commitment per week is not substantial. Food donations are always welcome, and Coles emphasized that all donations are covered by the PEI Donation of Food Act, which states that if an individual donates edible food in good faith, they are not liable for any damage or injury that may occur from the consumption of such food.

Anyone who is interested in learning more can visit or contact PEI Food Share by email:

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