In the Beginning There Were Macarons

Kendra Kozek takes first steps towards dream of opening a patisserie

Kendra Kozek came to PEI to learn the dark arts of pastry and despite graduating last year from the Culinary Institute with the secret knowledge of macarons and palmiers she’s yet to leave the Island.

“Almost everyone in my class has left,” she said on a cold afternoon at Receiver Coffee. “But I like the
Island, so here I am.”

Kozek, 20, is from Golden, BC, and after researching culinary schools across North America decided on The Culinary Institute of Canada. “It had some very good reviews, was small, and offered what I wanted.”

She had never been to PEI before moving here for school; all she knew was the natural beauty was unmatched.

Now she’s making pastries to order – principally macarons – out of her home kitchen in downtown Charlottetown. Her business, K. Macarons & Pastries, operates from a Facebook page.

Kendra Kozek is the owner of K. Macarons & Pastries in Charlottetown Photo credit: Rod Weatherbie

“I’ve always been attracted to macarons and I’ve always been good at making them,” she said. “The first
time I made them they turned out nicely despite how difficult they can be.

Macarons are a sweet meringue-based cookie sandwich. They are usually filled with ganache,
buttercream, or jam. Macarons have been produced in the Venetian monasteries since the 8th century A.D.

“Also I went to Paris and ate some really beautiful macarons there, which, really, are the best you are ever going to have.”

Kozek is making a number of flavours including birthday cake, double chocolate, and salted caramel.

Ultimately Kozek’s goal is to open a patisserie.

“That would allow me to expand my offerings and try different things,” she said.

But for now it’s all made to order, which is special. It’s like having your very own private pastry chef. Just give her a call or send an email and place an order for your custom-made desserts.

submitted photo: K. Macarons & Pastries

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