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September brought a tragic reminder to us all, with the deaths of two lobster fishermen from Tignish. They died when their boat, the Kyla Anne, capsized on its way back to port. A third crew member was able to swim nearly 90 minutes to shore, but Captain Glen DesRoches and Maurice (Moe) Getson did not. The dangers our fishers face to harvest the great Island seafood we have on our tables can not be overstated.

Andy Rayner, a fellow fisherman and Salty contributor shared this thought:
“One wave, all it takes is that one bad wave, of billions over 30 years, and you are gone. Could have been any one of us, and we fisherman all know it. The sea is a lottery, over time. Glen was 54, Moe was 56–hits you when you, yourself, are 51 yrs old. Their boat fishes on outside shale bottom, and in June it is often just he and I out there. I’ll not be seeing them next year. ”

The federal government announced an investment of up to $1.8 million to COWS, under the Dairy Processing Investment Fund, as well as $800 thousand from ACOA. The funding will allow COWS to expand its processing capacity, and the creamery plans to develop new cheeses and butters to add to their product line. Up to 15 new jobs will be created by 2023, and the anticipation is that the expansion will increase demand for milk from PEI dairy producers.

A new grain mill is setting up in Tignish. High Tide Milling Company has taken over the old Co-op Feed Mill. They hope to have freshly ground flour for sale by Christmas, and will be milling Island-grown grains for sale on PEI and for export.

Glow Juicery has moved to its permanent location on Walker Avenue in Summerside, after spending the summer at Spinnakers’ Landing.

Morgan Palmer has joined Farm to Cafeteria Canada as the regional lead for PEI. Farm to Cafeteria Canada is an organization that promotes bringing local, nutritious, and sustainably produced foods into public agencies such as schools, and hospitals. Palmer has been actively involved with PEI schools and their local food programs, as well as with the PEI Home and School Federation, in working towards a school food strategy for Island schools.

Emery Wood, Jr Chef competition winner Photo credit: Cheryl Young/Salty

Another successful Prince Edward Island International Shellfish Festival wrapped up in Charlottetown. Over the course of the weekend, Island shellfish was promoted and multiple competitions held with over $26,000 in prizes awarded. One of the winners included Chef Darren Rogers from Park Restaurant in Montreal who won the Garland International Chef Challenge, going home with a $10,000 prize. He competed in three heats of the competition, going head to head in the final heat with Chef Jesse Zuber from the restaurant Little Grouse on the Prairie in Saskatoon. As part of the weekend, The PEI Potato Chowder Championship crowned Chef Seth Shaw, from The Brickhouse Kitchen & Bar as the winner, and in the new Junior Chef Challenge, nine-year-old Emery Wood took home the top prize for his seafood linguine dish.

La Sazon de Mexico closed its doors in downtown Charlottetown, but owner Claudia Perez Vega will continue to offer her cuisine at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market.


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