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(What’s that food) This is celeriac. The root vegetable is also called celery root, but in fact it’s not the root of store-bought celery. Celeriac is grown for its root rather than its stalks. It might not be the prettiest looking vegetable, but what it lacks in appearance it makes up in taste and nutrition. Looking a bit like a…

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What a Waste?

Meal kits fail to deliver on 100% recyclable guarantee This is part one of Katherine Bell’s review of meal kits for Salty. Next month, she’ll compare flavours. Pre-planned menus, prepared fresh ingredients, and easy-to-follow recipes shipped right to your door for less than a meal at a restaurant. For many busy Islanders, the allure of meal kits is clear and…

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A Salty Christmas Shopping Guide

It’s the season of gift giving – what better time to support those that make our lives tasty all year round? Salty’s put together a handy list of gift ideas for everyone on your list that loves the good things in life. Some of our suggestions were inspired by those we’ve featured in past issues of Salty, while others are…

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