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The Little Island Kitchen: New Potatoes

The humble potato has had a rough go of things lately. What was once a staple on dinner plates across Canada has now been consigned by many to the “unhealthy” category of foods—and to me, that’s a great shame. Not only are potatoes full of many essential nutrients, they’re a great, cost-effective ingredient that can be enjoyed in so many…

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The Little Island Kitchen – Strawberries

Glistening like rubies beneath a canopy of frothy white flowers and verdant foliage, the Island strawberry is the jewel in the crown of a PEI summer. Socials are planned at just about every church hall, and shortcakes start making their way into ovens as these little beauties reach their peak in mid- to late July, and who can blame us?…

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Red cooked lobster displayed on cutting board.

The Little Island Kitchen – Lobster

It’s pretty hard to envision Prince Edward Island without a bright red lobster wiggling its way into the picture. It is a ubiquitous marketing symbol for the province and the lobster industry remains an important one for the Island economy and livelihood of many Islanders. And though we Islanders know it’s right at home as star of the “feed” as…

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Rhubarb stalks in bowl and background

The Little Island Kitchen – Rhubarb

Tart enough to pucker your lips and pink as a blushing cheek, rhubarb is one of my favourite things and is an old staple of spring cooking on Prince Edward Island. From jams and compotes to pies and crumbles, and even a fresh stalk cheerfully dipped in sugar, rhubarb appears in some of the most iconic sweets from the annals…

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The Little Island Kitchen

Lamb As the seasons change, so do the foods on my table. The coming of spring never fails to get me excited for all the bright, crisp tastes that arrive alongside those first few crocus blooms bursting through the crusts of ice and snow. So many beautiful foods just feel right on a springtime table and lamb is one of…

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Little Island Kitchen – Beer

There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t cook with any wine you wouldn’t happily drink, and in my books the same should definitely go for beer. Luckily, Prince Edward Island is a burgeoning hotspot for the brewing scene. Breweries are dotted across the Island, and are producing a delicious variety of beers, from lagers and witbier to bitters and stouts,…

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Taking the Fight Out of Food

Celebrate Nutrition Month with the Dietitians of Canada “What is your relationship with food?” Maybe you’ve never asked yourself that question or maybe it’s one you’re intimately familiar with. In either case, it’s very likely that your relationship with food mimics that of any other relationship – with highs and lows, good times and hard times. To many, food represents…

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The Little Island Kitchen – Beets

January can be a month of deprivation. The New Year’s craze for cleanses and fasting, all in the name of renewal and improvement, is simply not for me. Life is too short to spend at least one month out of twelve trying to convince yourself that you can live happily on green juice and air alone. Isn’t it better to…

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What’s on the Menu

A dig through the food archives reveals what people were eating a century ago. Bright speeches made after justice had been done to the menu — The Morning Guardian, April 19, 1901 Apparently the best party ever to take place on Prince Edward Island was a dinner for two hockey teams held the evening of April 18, 1901. I make…

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