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The Little Island Kitchen – Pork Belly

You’ve probably had it before. It might even be in your fridge right now: those gorgeous stripes of pink and white, and scrumptious flavour just waiting to be served up. I’m talking about pork belly.“This cheaper cut is about way more than just bacon,” according to Chris van Ouwerkerk, owner of Butcher & Butcher in Charlottetown. Pork belly is most…

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The Little Island Kitchen – Heirloom Tomatoes

In food, as in fashion, sometimes less is more. I’m not referring to tiny, mean little plates that leave you begging for more. I’m talking about pared down, simple flavours that celebrate the natural essence of ingredients. Tomatoes are a perfect example of this principle. I can hardly think of a truer taste of summer than a sun-warmed tomato fresh…

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