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Early Summer Fruit One of my summer goals is to cook and eat outdoors, avoiding steaming pots and hot ovens as much as possible. After dinner, I want a quick transition to the bonfire or calming shoreline without hate-scrubbing a mountain of dishes, doesn’t everyone? Fresh vegetables plucked from the garden at dinnertime, prepared simply, and a grilled marinated protein…

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War Cake Flip through many Islanders’ cookbooks and recipe boxes, you will find a recipe for a war cake. A take on a traditional raisin spice cake, the recipe most likely passed down from generation to generation. The origins of what many know as a war cake are varied. It is believed to originated during the First World War. During…

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The Little Island Kitchen

Apples I have a bad habit that I must confess. Every year when autumn rolls in I can feel an excitement growing in my bones. The crisp and cool air swirling through the trees is like a siren call that pulls me to the orchard, with no concern for what may follow. Romantic as it sounds, this lust for orchard…

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The Little Island Kitchen – Strawberries

Glistening like rubies beneath a canopy of frothy white flowers and verdant foliage, the Island strawberry is the jewel in the crown of a PEI summer. Socials are planned at just about every church hall, and shortcakes start making their way into ovens as these little beauties reach their peak in mid- to late July, and who can blame us?…

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Rhubarb stalks in bowl and background

The Little Island Kitchen – Rhubarb

Tart enough to pucker your lips and pink as a blushing cheek, rhubarb is one of my favourite things and is an old staple of spring cooking on Prince Edward Island. From jams and compotes to pies and crumbles, and even a fresh stalk cheerfully dipped in sugar, rhubarb appears in some of the most iconic sweets from the annals…

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Little Island Kitchen – Beer

There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t cook with any wine you wouldn’t happily drink, and in my books the same should definitely go for beer. Luckily, Prince Edward Island is a burgeoning hotspot for the brewing scene. Breweries are dotted across the Island, and are producing a delicious variety of beers, from lagers and witbier to bitters and stouts,…

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